Why do Jellyfish CoNNect charge on a Cost per Acquisition (CPA) basis for digital marketing? What does it cover?

The CPA model allows Jellyfish CoNNect the flexibility to apply the required resource, test different keywords and digital marketing channels - all at no risk to you. And it incentivises us to do everything we can to increase the efficiency of your campaign and generate as many subscription/lead volumes as possible. The CPA covers media costs, our time to manage your campaign, plus our time to manage and optimise a dedicated campaign site if we run a full service campaign for you.

Why should I run a PPC Search campaign bidding on my own brand if I’m already appearing at the top of the organic listings?

As this is one of the most common questions we get asked, we have created a video blog post to explain: 'Why brand bid when you rank #1 organically?'. You can find this in our News and Views section on this website.

What CPA will you charge me for a full service digital campaign?

To calculate your CPA, we need to know what you are hoping to achieve in terms of volumes and what the lifetime value of your subscriptions are. We will also look at your existing PPC search campaign and how this is performing; if you don't have one, we will use the Google keyword tool to assess the likely media costs. We will then agree a CPA which is cost effective for both you and us. The number of acquisitions that can be achieved is directly proportional to the CPA. The higher the CPA, the greater number of subscription sales/qualified leads the campaign will generate. Many of our clients redirect spend from more 'traditional' marketing channels which have a higher CPA into a Jellyfish CoNNect digital campaign as it delivers subscriptions for them at a fixed and known CPA.

What CPA will you charge me for PPC Search sales generated through magazine.co.uk and/or Pocketmags?

We will agree a CPA which is cost effective for both parties. This cost takes into account your subscription offer pricing, estimated media costs and likely traffic/sales volumes. The higher the CPA, the greater the number of subscriptions the campaign will generate as it allows us to spend more on media for your campaign.

Why should I use a Jellyfish CoNNect campaign site?

We recommend our clients use a Jellyfish CoNNect campaign site as they are proven to get higher conversion rates than publisher’s own sites/fulfilment bureau sites as they provide a highly focused sales environment. They contain content-rich landing pages to optimise PPC, boosting quality scores, reducing cost-per-clicks etc. They maximise potential conversion as we continually test and optimise each site for each brand. They also allow everything to be clearly tracked and measured and are optimised for all devices – mobile, desktop and tablets. And they are managed by us - for free - as part of the CPA-based commercial model.

Will I lose traffic or organic sales from my website if I use a Jellyfish CoNNect campaign site?

The clients we work with don’t experience any negative impact when running both their own website - which concentrates on organic listings and has its own commercial goals - as well as a Jellyfish CoNNect campaign site. Only paid-for digital traffic is directed to our campaign sites, from users clicking on the ads, and, if required, we can set up a campaign site so it is only visible to PPC traffic. Having both sites actually increases the total number of subscription sales/leads that you can generate. And as CPAs for digital are generally cheaper than traditional marketing channels, it improves the overall ROI from your total marketing spend.

How long does it take to get my magazine listed on magazine.co.uk?

Once you complete our new publisher form, we use the information from this to draw up a CPA agreement for you to sign. Once signed, we aim to get your title listed on magazine.co.uk (and any agreed PPC Search campaign set up and launched) within 10 working days.

How long does it take to get a full service digital marketing campaign up and running?

We discuss and understand your brand, your objectives, subscriber lifetime value and the current performance of any existing PPC activity etc. A CPA agreement is then determined, discussed and signed. Following that we ask you to provide all agreed brand assets, offer prices, marketing collateral etc. It then takes between 4 and 6 weeks to: build the campaign site, set up the digital marketing campaign for all appropriate networks/channels, establish tracking and analytics and set up subscription order fulfilment. We then launch – and reguarly test, analyse and refine.

How long does it take to launch an app/digital edition?

We first discuss and understand your brand and objectives and determine the right commercial agreement. An agreement then gets signed and set up fees paid. After that you complete our new publisher form, we provide you with logins for the ‘back office’ and you upload your first issue into the software. It then takes between 3 and 5 weeks for apps to go live as we have to build for all platforms – Apple, Google Play, Amazon and Pocketmags - and submit to Apple for their approval. Once authorised by Apple, we then launch all platforms. For digital editions the process is faster and we aim to launch within 5 working days after the initial issue has been uploaded into our system.

How long does it take to get my magazine on Pocketmags?

After signing an agreement and completing our new publisher form, we will provide you with logins for the ‘back office’ so you can upload your first issue. After that, we aim to get your title live on Pocketmags within 5 working days.

Do I have to pay for updates to my app/digital edition?

No – this is all covered by our service. Once you have an agreement in place, we will automatically upgrade and update your apps as the various app stores release new updates.

I already have an app so how do I transfer across to your platform?

We have experience of transferring more than 80 titles over from various publishers and app developers. If you are on your own developer account we simply update over your existing app and subscribers receive uninterrupted service.

I’m not technical. Is it difficult to use the MagazineCloner platform?

Our software platform is very user friendly and designed to be used by publishers with all levels of experience. You don’t need to be technical or have any development knowledge to use it. If needed, we can provide some initial training and our support staff can help with any specific questions.