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272% increase in new subscription volumes


Puzzler Media Ltd is best-known for its comprehensive range of high quality puzzle magazines, but its interests also span books, games, and interactive puzzles across various digital platforms.

Puzzler’s range of magazines were selling in good numbers through magazine.co.uk, but to boost subscription volumes further, in 2013 a dedicated Puzzler subscription campaign site was built by Jellyfish CoNNect to generate higher subscription volumes from PPC Search traffic.


Campaign site boosts conversion rates

With multiple landing pages promoting the full range of 13 Puzzler magazines, their appropriate subscription offers, as well as the benefits of subscribing, incoming visitors can easily select from the full range of titles. Prospective subscribers are then directed through the slick and user-friendly payment funnel, and resulting new orders are sent over to Puzzler’s subscription bureau for timely processing and fulfillment.

The dedicated site boosts the conversion rate from PPC traffic and subscription volumes increased significantly as a result as soon as it was launched. The higher conversion rate also means subscriptions can be successfully generated from PPC Search on much broader generic puzzle terms such as ‘word search’, ‘kriss kross puzzles’ and ‘hanjie puzzles’, all still within the agreed CPA.


The results

In the 6 months following the launch of the new campaign site, the conversion rate increased by 131% and new subscription volumes increased by 272%.


What the client says

Having worked with Jellyfish CoNNect on promoting our titles on magazine.co.uk we decided to try out a campaign site to ring fence our top titles. This gave us a great platform to showcase our magazines and helped with the PPC brand campaigns. It also meant we were only driving customers to our titles and not those of competitors. It was successful in driving additional sales for us, increasing volumes by 272%.

Lynda Newland - Marketing Director, Puzzler Media Ltd


Campaign site: