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Over 57,000 new subscriptions generated last year


Jellyfish CoNNect has been working with National Geographic since 2007 and generated 57,284 new UK and international subscriptions for the magazine last year.

We run targeted digital marketing campaigns, delivering high volumes of qualified paid-for traffic to eight specifically designed National Geographic subscription campaign sites (all built, optimised and managed in-house by Jellyfish CoNNect) as part of an inclusive fixed fee CPA commercial model.


Eight bespoke subscription campaign sites

The eight sites are designed for the UK, Republic of Ireland, Europe, South Africa, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and other International markets, each featuring relevant content and subscription offers. The European and International sites also host separate landing pages for key target countries which show relevant pricing/currencies for Norway, Denmark, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Local language as well as English landing pages are also hosted where appropriate.

Landing pages contain subscription sales driven copy, prominent and strategically placed call-to-actions, and the sites have a slick and user-friendly sign-up and payment funnel, taking payment in the customer’s own local currency.

A variety of content is included on the landing pages, illustrating the breadth of the editorial and pictorial. This also allows for broad PPC Search bidding, outside key brand terms, which in turn delivers relevant people who might not have otherwise been looking to take up a National Geographic magazine subscription.


Extensive range of digital marketing channels used

PPC Search (using both Google and Bing! networks), display advertising (including the Google Display Network, Taboola, ContentClick, Yahoo Gemini and Gmail Sponsored Promotions), remarketing (search, display, social and email), social advertising (including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook) and email have all been used to drive high quality traffic to the sites and have successfully converted visitors into subscribers.


Regular testing and continual optimisation

Different subscription prices and offers are tested regularly including annual, student, 6-month and 2 year offers, as well as gift subscriptions particularly around Christmas, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Constant testing allows for optimisation of ad copies, and site and payment funnel conversion rates. And the site is mobile friendly in order to maximise the potential subscription volumes from visitors increasingly using mobile devices.


Additional sales via

As well as selling subscriptions through the dedicated subscription sites, Jellyfish CoNNect also promote and sell National Geographic subscriptions through as part of the inclusive fixed fee CPA business model.


The results

We have seen consistent year-on-year growth in subscription volumes:

  • Last year subs grew 10% (from 51,975 to 57,284)
  • In the last 2 years subscriptions have grown by 23% (from 46,390 to 57,284)
  • In the last 5 years subscriptions have grown by 64% (from 34,934 to 57,284)

Since launching in 2007:

  • Over 250,000 new subscriptions have been generated
  • Over 400 million National Geographic ads have been served


What the client says

‘Jellyfish CoNNect is a valuable long-term partner. Working closely together means we constantly react to changes on the digital landscape and continue to deliver high subscription volumes which contribute to the overall growth in National Geographic’s circulation every year. We introduced growth targets to incentivise the Jellyfish team, which works well with the CPA model, and this delivered great results. Keep up the good work.’

Walt Terry - Director of International Marketing


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