Straight forward app build process


IDG is the world’s leading technology media, events and research company. Leading the way through their innovation, editorial expertise and precision content, they produce tech and IT information products across every format.

After launching their first apps on Jellyfish Connect’s MagazineCloner platform in 2011, IDG now use the software for publishing branded apps for Apple, Google Play and Amazon for Macworld UK, PC Advisor, iPad and iPhone User, Android User, Digital Arts Magazine and CIO Magazine. The titles also get promoted and sold via pocketmags.


What the client says

The app build was straight forward, simple to navigate and provided the ideal app environment for IDG’s B2C digital titles. The simple to use and functional ‘back office’ system allowed us to upload, process, add dynamics and go live with over 10 issues on each brand in a little less than three weeks (and that includes the often lengthy Apple App submission process).’

Richard Bailey - Head of Production, IDG