Top tips to get the best from your PPC

Matthew Read, PPC Director at Jellyfish CoNNect, presented a live webinar to PPA members and outlined his top tips on getting the best from your PPC in 2015. Whether you are using PPC to generate leads, subscriptions, ticket sales or simply just to boost the traffic volumes to your site these insights are invaluable.

What he covers:
• Getting the most out of your main keywords
• Maximising data collection with remarketing and remarketing for search
• The importance of using the right ad copy
• Exploring the Google Display Network (GDN)
• Key PPC housekeeping rules to make sure you aren’t missing any quick wins

Whether you are managing your own PPC accounts directly or are working with an agency, this will help you to ensure you get the most of your PPC spend.

Getting the most out of PPC in 2015 from JellyfishPublishing