Third-party Review Extensions. What are they and do they work?

Would you put more trust in a brand if you saw a positive review within its Google search result? You would expect a user would be more likely to click an ad if they are assured that someone else has had a positive experience with a brand - and that’s exactly the point of third-party Review Extensions.

By introducing Review Extensions, Google are helping their advertisers improve their click-through-rates by showing a small snippet of a customer review within the ad, lending more authority, and encouraging users to trust the brand.


This increased click-through-rate thus results in more people landing on your website, which therefore increases the number of conversions that can potentially be generated. So they are a very powerful and much welcomed addition by Google.

They sound great. They look great. But do the results stack up?

At Jellyfish CoNNect we are continuingly testing all Google’s latest innovations. Most work very well. But from time to time we also find that the latest ‘must-test’ Google Beta can actually have a negative impact on generating subscriptions from the campaigns we run so we always test before rolling them out.

In theory, Review Extensions should return more positive results, but in practice what do the results look like?

Let’s take a look:


With the above example we can see that with Review Extensions the click-through-rate has increased, and most importantly the conversion rate has also increased (by a sizeable amount) so the number of subscriptions generated is far higher by a far greater % than would be expected from the ad that had a much higher number of impressions. This is a great example of Review Extensions working to their full potential. More users are clicking through to the site, with a greater trust in the brand, leading to more subscription conversions. A win-win situation.

Here’s another set of results:


Again, we can see that Review Extensions have had a positive impact, with a much higher click-through-rate and a vastly improved conversion rate.

As with everything that gets tested here at Jellyfish CoNNect, results do vary between one magazine brand and another. Something which works for one brand, doesn’t automatically mean it will work for all others. But in terms of Review Extensions, the sets of data above suggest that, for these two separate brands (which are very different magazines operating in different markets), results are very strong indeed so Review Extensions definitely seem to be a positive addition by Google.