Making the most of YOUR leads with Remarketing

We’ve all seen it; as we browse around online adverts for sites we’ve visited in the past keep popping up in all shapes and sizes. It can be incredibly annoying but it can also be highly effective in converting leads into buyers.

Most people who run an Adwords PPC campaign will at some point weigh up the idea of using Remarketing, to target people who have visited their site but not converted, following them around the internet on the Google Display Network. These people may find they get a few conversions through their Remarketing campaign, but they will also most likely see very high costs and low conversion rates leading to it eventually being pulled back or paused completely.


Here’s how to maximise YOUR leads:

1) Don’t treat all leads as one lead

What tends to happen is people create a big list of ALL visitors to their website, minus anyone who has converted. Now, although this may seem like a strong group of qualified leads to target, it will be filled with people who didn’t mean to come on the site and people who were never that interested in the actual product.

This big group of people is actually full of many smaller groups that should all be treated differently. If we take a standard magazine subscription website, you will have a group of people that just hit the homepage then left, people who viewed specific articles on the site then left and even people who went through to purchase the magazine, started entering their details and then dropped out. All of these groups are potential leads but they shouldn’t all be lumped in together.

2) Understand the buying cycle

With a well thought out Remarketing campaign you can target people at different points in the buying cycle and make your targeting more specific and effective for each group. For example, you could separate out all visitors who got as far as adding the magazine to their basket but didn’t convert. These people are clearly interested in the product but something stopped them from converting, so why not provide a different offer to these people or remind them that there is still time to claim it.

What’s more, when sending these people back to the website there is no need to deliver them to the homepage as you know they already went past this point and were ready to buy. Save the user time by delivering them back to the payment or product page where they dropped out.

Similarly, why not separate out groups of people who viewed specific articles on the website, serve them ads that mention the topic they were interested in, and deliver them back to that article or a similar topic page.

The more qualified you can make the groups, the more relevant you can make your ads and landing page experience, which will not only help improve your quality score, reducing your costs, it will also impact your conversion rate and make these conversions a lot more cost effective.

3) Facebook Custom Audiences

Some websites (certainly all Jellyfish CoNNect subscription sites) collect personal details before the payment process is complete and these details can be incredibly useful with regards to Remarketing. If users have to provide their email address before completing the signup process you will most likely have a list of users who supplied this information but never actually converted.

With the new Custom Audiences feature you can feed these email addresses directly into facebook which will match them to user’s login detail and serve them your ads directly. This means you only have to show ads on facebook to users who you know have been on your site and got as far as providing an email address. It might sound scary, but you can’t really get more qualified ad delivery then that!

Remember with all Remarketing it is key to identify how qualified a lead is, what they are interested in and why they didn’t convert. With this information you can serve the most relevant ads, the most relevant pages and the most relevant products, leading to a much stronger conversion rate.

If you would like to know more about how Jellyfish CoNNect could help you with your Remarketing campaign why not get in touch today.