Dynamic Search Ads increased magazine.co.uk sales by 35%

Every day 15% of the searches on Google have never been seen before.

Keeping up with the volume of new potential search terms can be quite overwhelming, especially when it involves managing 800+ products that cover thousands of topics on our magazine.co.uk website.

At Jellyfish Connect we are always looking for ways to optimise the time we spend managing our PPC accounts, not only for ad copy updates, but also campaign creation and expansion. When new products get added, or when products get updated, traditional keyword campaign creation and expansion was particularly time consuming for the digital marketing team. So in order to maximise efficiencies we utilised Dynamic Search Ads (DSA). DSA index magazine.co.uk and dynamically build ads for every auction that our products are relevant to. They expand our PPC efforts and enable us to competitively market our full range of titles - for every relevant search term available. This reduces our reliance on managing PPC via the traditional keyword and match-type based account structure.

Since DSA has been in place, we have reduced the time we need to spend on expanding campaigns to cover potential new search terms by 20%. At the same time, our sales have increased by 35% YOY - and our visibility has increased by 16%.


  • Reduce the time spent expanding traditional keyword based PPC campaigns
  • Drive sales from new search terms
  • Increase visibility for related search terms

  • Results:

  • Sales increased by 35%
  • DSA now accounts for 20% of our AdWords spend
  • 16% increase in visibility