Digital magazine readership is on the rise in the US

According to a latest research study, the number of adults in the US reading digital magazines in 2016 has increased by 13.8% since last year - with almost 42% now having read one or more digital magazine issues in the last 30 days.

Almost a quarter of the 3,000+ polled respondents reported spending money on digital magazine subscriptions and single copies in 2016 - a market which is now worth US$1.94 billion in revenue to publishers.


Here are some key highlights:

1. Print readership is holding steady. Almost 70% of US adults actively read print magazines - but the percent remained flat in 2016 at 69.76% vs 69.73% in 2015.

2. Spending on digital magazines is up almost 53%. In 2015, 15% of US adults reported spending a total of US$1.27 billion per year on digital magazine subscriptions and single copies. In 2016, that grew to 23.51% and US$1.94 billion.

3. Ensure your digital magazine is easy to read. Readable text and scrollable text are the two most valued functions for digital readers (something Jellyfish CoNNect already offer clients in our digital apps and editions!). Other functions readers value in a digital magazine are: website links, embedded video, back issue archives, vertical swipe, copy and paste capability and content bookmarking.

4. Multi-platform consumers spend more. Multi-platform consumers are 1.67 times more likely to spend US$100 per year on digital magazines than digital-only consumers.

5. Men prefer digital and multi-platform. Women prefer print. Although more women read magazines than men, more women are likely to opt for print than a digital-only magazine or a multi-platform offering.

6. The average age of a digital-only magazine consumer is now 41. This has increased from 34 in 2015.

Source: Mequoda's American Magazine Reader Study & Handbook: Multiplatform Magazine Reader Habits and Digital Publishing Best Practices