Apple Price Tier Change - Important Information

Batch Price Change Tool now available - use before 7th February.

As you may have seen in the news, Apple recently changed their price tiers and this saw the GBP£ price for each Apple tier increase. Accordingly, each price within the App Store rose for UK customers. For example, something previously priced at Tier 4 - £2.99 and $3.99, became Tier 4 - £3.99 and $3.99. More details can be found in our recent post in the Back Office.

In order to help with any price changes we have created a Batch Price Tier Change Tool for single issues, should you wish to use it. On the bulk update page you are able to see the prices for all issues prior to the tier change, along with the new price.

By default we have left all single issue prices on the tier they were on. This means that the UK price has increased and US and RoW pricing has been retained. However, if you would like to adjust your single issue price tiers, for example to lower your tier to match your previous UK single issue price (which will lower the US and RoW price) this can now be done in bulk from the Back Office. Use Batch Price Change Tool

(This is not mandatory, it is only necessary if you are not happy with the new price which your single issues are on after the tier change i.e. with an increased GBP£ price).

Please note: Any changes which you make will take effect on 8th February on all platforms; this is the date which we will update the tiers used on the Back Office (and Pocketmags) to Apple's new tiers and will ensure single issue prices are the same across the board. Please ensure you have scheduled any changes you would like by this point.

With regards to subscriptions- for UK publishers-only- on 8th February we will be adjusting the price tier of subscriptions on to match their current UK prices (rather than leaving them on the same tier and allowing the price to rise). This will mean that US and RoW prices for new subscriptions on Pocketmags will be reduced (in line with the new tier required to match the previous UK price). For example a UK title which was previously Tier 20 £14.99, $19.99 will be moved to Tier 15 £14.99, $14.99 to maintain the UK subscription price. Subscription pricing through the app stores on the other hand will remain at the current prices in each territory as, unlike Pocketmags, subscriptions are no longer tier based within branded apps.

If you have any further queries or questions please contact us on