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Stephen Smith

Business Intelligence & Insights Director

Orange Devider

Steve joined Jellyfish in 2007 as an Account Manager, responsible for a number of key clients. Prior to Jellyfish, he worked as a Market Research Manager at BAA and as an Account Manager at a design agency working for a diverse range of clients including Unilever, Fidelity and Surrey Police. This experience provided Steve with excellent project management and communication skills but also helped him develop his unhealthy passion for Excel and data analysis.

Steve progressed from Senior Account Strategist to Account Director and then Campaign Director when he was responsible for helping magazine.co.uk achieve its huge growth. He is now Business Intelligence and Insight Director at Jellyfish Connect.

When Steve isn't working he enjoys socialising and spending time with his wife and two gorgeous children.

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  • FaceSwapLive

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  • Wired