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Ciara Koth

Content & Social Media Executive

Orange Devider

Ciara first got her foot in the door as a social media intern for Jellyfish Training. Through that experience she acquired many new connections and skills as well as a passion for the digital marketing world which allowed her to move onto a full time role as a Content & Social Media Executive with Jellyfish Connect.

Ciara was born and raised in Toronto, Canada where she studied and graduated with a degree in Fashion Management. Having worked for a few years in the fashion industry mainly as a stylist and feature blog writer for Style Nine to Five, Ciara was craving a big change. She made the decision to pack up and move her life to the UK in hopes of pursuing her ultimate passion for writing. She initially began her writing career in London as a freelance content writer for Oxygen Boutique where she mainly covered blog topics in lifestyle, travel, beauty and fashion.

In her spare time, she loves to attend hip hop dance classes, take the odd shopping spree in favourite spots like Oxford Street or Portobello Road Market, and of course, enjoy a few good glasses of Chardonnay with friends and family.

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  • ELLE

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