pocketmags is the fast growing digital newsstand selling single digital issues and digital subscriptions worldwide through its website and apps. It allows readers to buy once for access across multiple platforms and devices (Apple, Google Play, Amazon, Windows and web).

It has 2.5 million+ members and in the last 12 months over 50,000 digital subscription sales and 150,000 single digital single issue sales were generated through pocketmags for our clients - an increase of 32% on the previous year.

If you choose to create your apps or digital editions with Jellyfish Connect, your title can automatically be listed and sold on pocketmags. But you can also chose to promote your title via pocketmags only in order to extend your brand reach and build incremental sales.

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You can choose to create any of the following versions:

Custom tablet edition

By producing pages designed for a tablet screen e.g. with larger fonts and scrolling articles, these remove the need to pinch and zoom. You can enrich your editions with in-page links, galleries, animation, and streaming and downloadable videos.

Enhanced PDF replica edition

You can add any of our multi-media enhancements to your replica edition.

PDF replica edition

Delivers the ‘flat’ print replica edition to readers.


Mobile optimised

To optimise both the user experience and sales via mobile devices, using an automated process (which we take care of for you) we ‘deconstruct’ the PDF pages of an issue into sections and individual articles with responsive, scalable text and images, making each accessible in a 'snackable', article-by-article, format.

If you choose the article mode option, the article reading view is also automatically available to tablet and desktop readers too – whether you choose to publish a custom, enhanced or PDF replica edition.


Web based ‘back office’ and CMS

Our web-based ‘back office’ allows you to create, edit and publish your editions easily and you can use any of the range of in-built multi-media tools to enrich your issues.



Advertising inventory

Advertising from your print edition will appear within the pages of your pocketmags editions. You can enhance any ad using the multimedia options available within the software including galleries and animation, streaming and downloadable videos and 360 degree rotating images which are great for showcasing products for advertisers.


Increase sales & brand exposure

You can choose to sell single issues and digital subscriptions (monthly, annual or other term) and pocketmags will handle both the initial payment as well as the ongoing recurring subscription payments and digital issue fulfilment.

Through our own large-scale marketing activities we drive high volumes of traffic to pocketmags. We run pay-per-click search campaigns bidding on terms such as ‘digital subscriptions’ and ‘digital magazines’, and run extensive email and social campaigns.


Promotional options

  • Seasonal and special offer campaigns e.g. 24 issues for the price of 12 – you can choose to opt-in to any of our regular campaigns by simply agreeing to match the offer we are running.
  • pocketmags affiliate programme – you can gain an extra 10% net revenue share from sales that come through traffic you direct to pocketmags e.g. from any links from your website, or from your email promotions.
  • Risk-free, CPA-based search campaigns for your brand – Jellyfish Connect can set up and run a specific campaign for your magazine and we’ll only charge a marketing Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) when we make a sale of a subscription for you. All media costs, and our time to manage your campaign, are included in the CPA. Once the new subscription sale is acquired, we then work to the revenue share agreement we have in place with you for pocketmags.
  • On-site promotions – as your title is featured alongside competitors in your category, you can pay for a special on-site promotion to help your brand stand out from the crowd to encourage consumers to choose your magazine. Options include banner ads and ‘top title’ positions.
  • Email promotions – you can pay to promote your brand through our email promotions.
  • Hidden landing page promotions – if you want to run special promotions with different offers and pricing e.g. for lapsed/cancelled subscribers, we can create dedicated pages for you to direct your own promotions to.




We generally work to a revenue-share arrangement for titles available only through pocketmags.


We are happy to provide a specific quote and revenue-share proposal. Please contact us here with more details about your magazine.


Case Studies

blog image
Hearst Magazines UK
200% sales uplift on magazine.co.uk
blog image
Warners Group Publications
Invaluable and flexible marketing support
blog image
Saga Magazine
45% increase in new subscription volumes
blog image
Investors Chronicle
Introducing the magazine to new audiences